Seamless Transitions for Companies on The Move
Whether it’s office-to-office, or to home-based offices, we move employee assets nationally, quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.
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Customizable Relaunch Services

Save time and money on shipping and logistics with our end-to-end asset relocation services. Whether your employees require streamlined remote office set up assistance, or your assets need to be reconfigured and transferred from your old office space to the new, our team can help.

Services include:

Nationwide asset redeployment
Arranged return of old devices for Take Back Program
Packing and delivery of devices, furniture or other office supplies
Asset inventory & tracking

Take Back Program

Our Take Back program is an ideal service for transitional periods within your organization, from company-wide device updates to disposal of end-of-life assets.

Providing reverse logistics, license recovery, data backups, wiping and destroying personal identification information are just some of the ways our team can support yours with hardware and software management.

Our skilled technicians are highly certified and trained in data security, and electronics handling.

Whether the final stage is restoration, redeployment, resale or decommissioning, destruction and recycling, trust us to handle your technology safely and securely.

Earn Credit For End of Life Assets

Maximize the value of your end-of-life IT assets. We offer our clients a credit on decommissioned, data-wiped and restored tech that is resold to wholesale buyers. Money in your pocket, or a donation opportunity for your business’ partnered charity.

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